Thursday July 3rd

Time: TBA Location: TBA
If People get to town early, we’ll have a party and registration set up.

Friday July 4th

2pm – 9pm registration BBQ
Colonel Summers park: Belmont and 20th SE

9:30pm we will roll out to our favorite river spot: The Shitpipe to watch fireworks on the water.

Saturday July 5th


Location: TBA, starts at 10am
Coffee Cat
You’re old favorite! Created by Toddy Danger, but this year Mattchew is running this one, so be ready for a Coffee Cat of legendary proportions!

King/Queen of the Track – Who will claim the belt this year!?

Saturday Night</>
9pm Ship Ahoy. Gladstone and 29th SE
STARE DOWN/Party (new rules, just as gnarly!)

Sunday July 6th



Time: Starts at 1, get there at 11:30

Sunday night

Awards 7/8pm
Bar XV: 15 SW 2nd downtown


Monday July 7th

For those of you who aren’t splitting immediately after the awards madness we will have a brunch spread ready for you Monday morning/afternoon and at least one more lax group ride for anyone down.


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